What is The Roster?


The Roster is a group.

We are Creative Producers mostly located in Atlanta.

We are artists, directors, editors, writers, actors, musicians, and more.

Some of us are "Producers" as defined by the film industry as well, but our aim is to reclaim that title.


Roster members are makers.


We produce content, art, inspiration, promotions, advertisments, films, clothing, music, graphic media, ect.

If there is a medium to create, we probably make stuff there too.


Our Mission is to make, more.


Most of us have our own personal brands that many know and identify us by.

These brands continue to serve us well, but we know and understand that fundamental principal of life:


There is strength in numbers.


We have banded together under the umbrella that is The Roster (ATL) to combine forces with other creative powerhouses to make what we cannot alone.

We pool recources, guide and mentor, collaborate and share, hire and advocate for each other.